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Tag: AI Websites

Aikeu-Artificial Neural Network AI React Next JS Template

Overview: Aikeu is a cutting-edge AI-templated template crafted for React and Next.js enthusiasts. With React version 18, Next.js version 13.5.4, Bootstrap 5, and a range of powerful technologies like SCSS, GSAP, Swiper Slider, Framer Motion, and more, Aikeu offers a dynamic foundation for AI projects. Engage your audience with modern design, fluid animations, and seamless

Aikeu-Artificial Neural Network AI HTML Template

Overview: Aikeu – Artificial Neural Network AI Template,” a cutting-edge solution meticulously designed to bring the world of artificial neural networks to life. Crafted with precision and innovation, this template leverages the latest Bootstrap 5 and SASS technologies to deliver an exceptional user experience. Aikeu is not just a template – it’s a masterpiece, with