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Tag: admin template

Spike – Angular 18 Admin Dashboard Template

Using Spike Angular 18 admin, you will be able to create your website or web application without any hassle. Its high scalability, speedy development, and ease of use make it a best choice in Angular framework. It provides every convenience and flexibility that you can imagine, making it one of the best Material Angular admin

Edumin – Vue JS Education Admin Dashboard Template

Features VueJs v3 Vite 5.0.4 Nodejs v20.10.0 Pinia 2.1.7 TypeScript v5.4.0 Fullcalendar Horizontal Navigation Available Bootstrap 5 High Speed Performance Swiper Clean Coded Apexcharts Ckeditor Router Gallery Light And Dark Mode Super Responsive for All Latest Browsers and Mobile Devices Free Google Web Fonts Customizable & Organized Table Free Icon Fonts (Font Awesome) Toastify Wizard

Velvet – Angular Ng Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Velvet: The Ultimate Angular Typescript Dashboard Template Welcome to Velvet, your ultimate solution for Angular Typescript development. Designed for angular developers and businesses alike, Velvet leverages the powerful angular framework and integrates seamlessly with Ng Bootstrap, ensuring a robust and responsive angular dashboard experience. Elevate your angular ng Bootstrap dashboard experience with Velvet: angular ng

Geex – Flask Admin Dashboard Template

Geex Flask Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is a cutting-edge solution meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of server management and banking applications. This template seamlessly integrates the robustness of HTML and the flexibility of Bootstrap, providing an exceptional user interface and a suite of features tailored for both server administrators and banking professionals. The

Tapeli – Django & HTML Admin Dashboard Template

Tapeli – Django & Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template crafted for seamless web application management. This cutting-edge, responsive template showcases a sleek and user-friendly interface. Leveraging the power of the latest HTML5, CSS3 and powerful Bootstrap and Django framework with Sass. Tapeli guarantees exceptional performance and adaptability across various devices. Ensuring a responsive design with

Velonic – Django & Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Velonic – Django Admin & Dashboard Template is a fully featured premium admin template built on top of awesome Bootstrap 5.3.0 & Django, modern web technology HTML5, SCSS and jQuery. It has many ready-to-use hand-crafted components. The template is fully responsive and easy to customize, and the code is super easy to understand and gives

SCIFI – Angular Framework Ngbootstrap Dashboard Template

SCIFI: The Ultimate NgBootstrap Angular Dashboard Template for Modern Web Development Introducing SCIFI:Angular Framework Ngbootstrap Dashboard Template, a cutting-edge Angular template designed for seamless integration with Angular components. This template dashboard is powered by Angular Bootstrap, leveraging Bootstrap ng for a responsive and modern front-end framework. Perfect for creating a robust admin dashboard template, it

Dashlot – NextJS Typescript React Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template

Dashlot ReactBootstrap Admin Dashboard: Premium Design for Your Nextjs Web Application Needs Dashlot – NextJS TypeScript React Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is the ultimate solution for developers looking for a powerful and efficient admin panel. Built with NextJS, TypeScript, and React, it offers a seamless development experience with a robust page router. This admin dashboard

W3Admin – Flask Modern Admin Dashboard Template

You will get Python & HTML Files jQuery and JavaScript files CSS And Sass files Proper Documentation Features 70+ Pages Available 8+ Prebuild Demo Available 6+ Menu Style Available 15+ Color Skin Use Light Gallery Light And Dark Mode Horizontal Navigation Available High Speed Performance Super Responsive for All Latest Browsers and Mobile Devices SEO

Fasto – React (Vite) Saas Admin Dashboard Template

Template Features Vite Fully Responsive Ready to used widget Detailed Documentation Latest React Attractive Calendar Customizable React Bootstrap Components Invoice User Profile Timeline CkEditor Markdown Form Examples Many Charts Options Form Validation Input Slider Advanced Form Elements Form Wizard Social Datatable Table Sorting React Table Date Picker Sweetalert Toaster Kanban Gallery Scroll Chatbox Router And